Ryds Bilglas

Ryds bilglas is located at 100 different places, all over Sweden. In Sweden, they also happen to be leading company when it comes to reperation and replacement of car windows. They chose Mediascreen as their solution for all of their stores all across the nation.

Mediascreen delivers a whole-hearted concept to Ryds bilglas, including delivery, installation, service and support.

Central administration

The perfect placement of all the screens in waiting rooms and entries help the message get to a lot of people. Thanks to mediascreen’s system solution, Ryds bilglas are easily able to administrate an unlimited amount of devices far away from each other. Whether it be from the same country or abroad.

An administration tool with a clear out-look on all of the screens together with easy drag and drop functions for playlists and scheduling makes the controlling easy and smooth.

About the customer

Erik Ryd created Ryds bilglas in 1947. Now it has gotten very popular and has become the leading company with car reperation and replacement of glass in Sweden. It’s also gained some popularity in Norway since it was first opened, in 2014.


Pilot study, screens and media players, installation, supervision and support.

Other projects


Redan 1913 började Julius och Hanna Didrikson att tillverka arbetskläder åt alla fiskare i Grundsund. Hundra år senare är de ledande inom regn- och funktionskläder och Mediascreen har skapat ett upplägg för bolagets konceptbutik i Stockholm.

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