Digital signage for municipalities and tourism.

Tourism is advancing rapidly and the tourists themselves desire quality time. They want to be inspired quickly and find information without too much effort. Digital signage is perfect for this. Mediascreen deliver turnkey systems that alongside digital signage act as guides to restaurants, amusement, communications and much more.

Tourists shouldn’t have to spend too much time on finding information – it should just be there. Fortunately, Mediascreen have been working with smart concepts for years with touch, easy for tourists to understand and use. Alongside clean service, these digital displays are an economically effective way to promote sponsors and advertisers.

Digital signage in many ways

We will help you with digital signage wherever you wish, for example in stores, cafés, tourism offices or other carefully selected places indoors and outdoors.

Alongside solutions with automatic links to different events and activities for your displays, we have a finished structure for our systems in order to collaborate with local businesses. The displays are perfect for the municipalities in order to keep their citizens and tourists updated.

Three displays – or a hundred

Your requirements decide what we fill the displays with. If you wish, we can fill them up with long term, planned campaigns able to update with new information. 

It’s completely up to you if you want a couple of unique screens or a system with connected displays spread out over a big area.

Turnkey solutions

Mediascreen has delivered displays since 2003 and everything is included in our packages, hardware, chassis, software, content production, administration, installation and service. We also offer simpler systems that you can install by yourself.

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Digital signage for hotels and conferences

Hotels and conference-layouts are places where many people get together - they are places the guests should want to return to. Therefore it’s very important to get all of the best out to the visitors. Digital signage is perfect for this and Mediascreen will assist with knowledge and experience.

Digital signage for hotels

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