Complete system for digital signage

Our own system, Mediascreen Smart combines an intuitive cap with smart functions. Everyone can use the system and there is power that takes digital signage to a new level underneath the user friendly surface.

100 percent web based

There are plenty of pros with placing the system online. The drift security is increased, just like the flexibility. You update and plan your digital signage wherever you are. The only thing required is internet connection and a normal browser.

Wide area of usage

Mediascreen Smart is used by hotels, brokers, schools, malls and counties. The space of usage can differentiate a lot from customer to customer Salesmen of cars use interactive touch applications in order to increase their sales. Meanwhile counties get help by interactive terminals boost their attention.

  • HTML5
  • For Mac and PC
  • Compatible with Samsung SSSP
  • Cloud based
  • Qualified scheduling
  • Smart tools for image editing is included

Interact more!

The system fits rolling presentations well, but is also developed and prepared for interaction. You can place interactive screens indoors and outdoors, as well as in windows. Take the chance and use your windows in order to gain more from your digital signage.


See which screens are active, what every screen is currently showing and and what has been planned for later. Control the volume, restart or turn the screens off and control your digital signage in many more ways.

Create content

Use our flexible templates that are based on your graphic profile. You will fill it with text, images and videos. With the inbuilt editing tool you will be able to optimize your images completely without external editing programs or knowledge prior to doing it.

Smart widgets

Some instagram posts are tagged according to your settings. Link external info via RSS, publish the post on your Twitter account, show a clock, time stamps for public traffic or local weather projections. With smart w


Make playlists by dragging content and widgets to then release it in an easy way.


Everything from a single picture to long playlists get saved in an archive. Log in on a computer of your choice and re-use or work on already existing content.

Schedule and statistics

Control what the screens show and how the content is supposed to change - hour for hour, day by day, week by week and month by month. Afterwards you will get a summary of what has been showed, as well as how and when it was showed.

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