Displays and media players

We choose screens and media players that give your message extra attention and focus. The quality and general prestanda is handmade for video walls, window signs and interactive terminals.

Different display sizes

Mediascreen usually works with screens between 8” and 98”, both for indoor and outdoor advertisement. They are possible to place alone but also have the ability to be connected to a video wall. 

Web based media players

A lot of the time, our screens have inbuilt media players. They are web based and are also placed within fire walls. You control your digital signs via a computer, a mobile phone or any other tablets. If anything was to go wrong we can quickly assist and search for problems from a far.

Environment certified technology

Environment certified technology is an obvious alternative for us at Mediascreen. The environment friendly technology and functions like eco mode decreases the energy required. It’s also great from a financial perspective since it’s a lot cheaper. Our solutions contribute to a sustainable development and are adapted for the environment. 

Strengthen your brand with a branded display cabinet

We offer good looking cabinets to mediascreen’s solutions. Our cabinets can adapt to your brand or organization and will of course be designed according to your brand.


Samsung SSSP - Screens with built in media players

Mediascreen are certified partners with Samsung. Our software Mediascreen Smart is specifically adapted for their professional screens with Samsung Smart Signage platform (SSSP). We have other media players for screens made by other brands.

More about samsung’s screens

iPad stands

We have many different stands for different things, like tables and iPads. They are spoken about a lot, majorly because of these two reasons. One of the reasons is the sustainable construction of them. The design is another reason. These two reasons together makes the products a lot more desirable and make it obvious why they are so popular.

Our Ipad Stands
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Atlas Copo logotyp
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FM Mattson logotyp
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News from Mediascreen

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