Digital signage for schools and education

What is going on in our schools? Who is responsible for tonight's lecture and how do I get to the right place? The need of communication within the school world is enormous and in many cases lackluster. This is something that Mediascreen wants to change drastically.

With the help of our digital signage this will be possible, and make it easier for students, teachers and visitors to find the correct information.

For small schools or campus

We know that different schools have different wishes. As a result of this, we adapt our solutions to the school. Mediascreen has a lot of experience when it comes to digital signage – we have been working with it since 2003 – we know what works, and take it all into consideration when coming up with solutions. Kiosks for information or displays, whatever you want, we will solve.

The displays are ran by schedules

Mediascreen use fitting solutions. Bigger schools can be positively affected through many different connected displays, we also offer smaller packages, that can be utilized if so is wished. The main focus is on creating a result that you are happy with!

Together, we will make a plan for the displays, for example by the semester. It is also easy to adjust day to day, with quick updates. It’s important to build a fitting and working schedule for everybody involved. Which will occur through working together, as a result of our experience and will to make great things happen.

A concept including it all

Mediascreen’s digital signage includes everything from identifying the customer’s needs to software, production of content and administration. We also cover installation and service, unless you want to do it yourself, which we have systems to help you with. .

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Digital signage for hospitals and healthcare

Patients, visitors and workers at hospitals must be able to receive information quickly in order to be able to act accordingly and locate themselves. Digital signage is perfect for this - especially interactive touchscreens which users can navigate themselves. Receptions at facilities for dental healthcare is also great for digital signage.

Digital signage for healthcare
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