Digital signage for facility owners.

Digital entry-signs with lists of tenants to lead visitors correctly. Displays with information regarding drift or coming activities for tenants. As a facility owner, you have a lot to gain from digital signage.

Just a couple buttons away

Mediascreen’s systems for digital signage are simple, yet effective. Since we have been around since 2003, we have god knowledge of the industry and adjust the displays to your ideas. We know that digital signage not only gives visitors possibility to find their way around – they also get everything from simple confirmations regarding reports of errors, to information of larger cancellations of service. 

Clear and quick information makes everything easier for everybody, whether you are a facility owner or a tenant. Tenants can now also find seeking within a few pushes of a couple of buttons.

The systems are user-friendly

Schedule plans for service and activities for the entire year and quick local adjustments. We are fond of keeping our systems user-friendly and effective. How you want them to be utilized, is up to you. Is a digital display by the staircase enough or do you need bigger systems over a larger geographic area?

Simplicity is our hallmark

We will go over the arrangement alongside you and then deliver turnkey solutions, with everything included: Hardware, chassi, kiosks, software, production of content and administration. Our techniques cover installation and service – unless you prefer doing it yourself.

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Digital signage for estate agents

Digital signage takes the industry of estate to another level. Throughout the years, we have developed solutions for multiple brokerage firms, both large and small. This has truly shown us the importance of the displays within the competitive industry.

Digital signage for estate agents

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