Pilot study

Are you wondering about digital signage? We will help you analyze your opportunities. You will get a qualified answer from a market perspective, as well as advice on how your presentation and application should be made and presented.

Mediascreen knows what technical solutions will solve a problem the best. The amount of  screens, their size, strength of light and placements are some of the factors we take into consideration.

How should the information be distributed?

We will make an analysis on how the screens should be put up. Do you need common information on multiple screens, maybe in different cities, or is it better with different information and messages on the different screens? Everything has a solution.


With Mediascreen smart, you yourself create different users with different accessibilities. Let your main admins publish material all screens, while others have limited access to particular screens.

The screens will lift brand

On your screens you can vary your content. It might be fitting to show central campaigns for an entire brand or partner network for a period of time, to later on switch to more local information. It’s obviously important that you and your brand are in focus.

Complete system for digital signage

Our own system, Mediascreen Smart combines an intuitive cap with smart functions. Everyone can use the system and there is power that takes digital signage to a new level underneath the user friendly surface.

About Mediascreen Smart

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