Digital signage for hotels and conferences

Hotels and conference-layouts are places where many people get together - they are places the guests should want to return to. Therefore it’s very important to get all of the best out to the visitors. Digital signage is perfect for this and Mediascreen will assist with knowledge and experience.

Welcoming greetings, daily schedules, maps, coming events or presentations of menus at restaurants – everything can be organized through digital signage. It will strengthen the impressions with moving pictures from activities and surroundings. On top of this, why not adjust to the weather and current season?

Place messages by confluences

The displays could be found by receptions, hotel rooms or by conference facilities. Place your digital signs by confluences where guests naturally will pass by to guaranteedly be met by your message. You can plan your campaigns for the entire year and quickly make local or temporary changes.

Make guests want to return

With our solid experience – Mediascreen has worked with digital signage since 2003 – we know which successes are best for the hotel- and conference industry. However, neither we or you should be fooled to be home blind: We are glad to put up displays for the guests appraisal, which will go straight into the digital system and material for development. 

It is great to show messages regarding loyalty – all to get the visitors to return. Maybe it will inspire a conference visitor to return with their family You set the boundaries for your communication and we will help you put it into effect.

Independent displays, or connected

One display, or more, at one geographical point or multiple, displays with unique content or the same – it’s all up to you. We offer solutions adjusted to your individual needs with everything included: Hardware, chassi, kiosks, software, production of content, administration, installation and service. If you want to do the installation on your own, there are simple systems available to utilize.

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Digital signage for schools and education

What is going on in our schools? Who is responsible for tonight's lecture and how do I get to the right place? The need of communication within the school world is enormous and in many cases lackluster. This is something that Mediascreen wants to change drastically.

Digital signage for schools.
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