The royal library / Kungliga Biblioteket

The royal library, Kungliga biblioteket, isn’t just sweden’s national library - it’s a municipality that answers, digitalize and document gatherings. Mediascreen deliver digital signage to the entrance outdoors.

Kungliga biblioteket in Humlegården has been around since 1878. As a municipality, they have been responsible for over 18 million objects in different gatherings since the late 1900s. This includes sound, moving pictures and videogames. A majority of this is kept in underground magazines.

Mediascreen’s task for KB (Kungliga Biblioteket)

Displays from Mediascreen show opening hours for coming events outside of the entrance. Digital signage is also used to present the organization. 

The system is built on displays from Samsung for usage outdoors with inbuilt media players in a combination of Mediascreen smart. It’s flexible and easily administered which simply allows the customer to update and schedule with text, pictures and moving material.

About the customer

Kungliga biblioteket is a governmental municipality as well as the national library of Sweden. They have tasks of collecting, answering and making everything coming out of Sweden accessible. For example from writings, books, newspapers, music, TV-programs and pictures. The archives go back over a thousand years in the past and keep on growing everyday.


Identifying the customer’s needs, displays and media players, installation, supervision and support.

Other projects


Berwaldhallen is located in Stockholm and is one of the country’s most important culture institutions, where hundreds of concerts are hosted every year. The concert hall manages to communicate with people outside thanks to mediascreen’s screens.

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