Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen

Mediascreen, have together with FTI created a pilot project for the recycling station by Ica Maxi in in Nacka, Stockholm. The purpose is to create engagement and show what recycling does.

FTI will be working with their pilot project during 2019 with the goal of increasing the interaction with the recycling stations.

Screens to alarm when bins are full

The digital screen from Mediascreen shows how much trash has been left in the bins along with the most common material. Our screens can be helpful for the people sorting the trash and give them the ability to report a full bin.

Pilot study for an increased amount of recycling

One of the main goals for FTI is to increase the communication with the people recycling, and make it easier for them to leave their opinions.

“We know that clean and good-looking recycling stations are important to motivate others to recycle more. With these screens, we can also show the statistics of how much has been recycled and which specific materials have been the most common. They also help us spread awareness on how important recycling is in the long run.”

Veronica Foberg Gustafsson, head of public relations at FTI.

The project is collaboratively executed with United Minds and Smart Media Solutions.

About the customer

FTI is an incorporated company that makes sure that as many people as possible recycle as many things as possible. Newspapers are an example of something that is commonly recycled at their recycling stations.


Other than pilot study, installation, supervision, and support, Mediascreen has also presented the software for the screens touch application.

Other projects


Berwaldhallen is located in Stockholm and is one of the country’s most important culture institutions, where hundreds of concerts are hosted every year. The concert hall manages to communicate with people outside thanks to mediascreen’s screens.

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Julius and Hanna Didrikson began making clothes way back in 1913. Fast forward 100 years and they are the biggest brand in the country when it comes to rain jackets. Mediascreen are partners with Didrikson and have provided a couple of screens for them.

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