Total concept for digital signage

Mediascreen provides software, hardware and analyses of our customers needs. Other than that, we also create content and execute installations and services. The concept has been proven to be a winner for a number of industries - mainly because our solutions are web-based and easy to manage.
We help you with the whole concept: Needs study, hardware and software - everything so that you reach your goals.
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Complete system for digital signage

Displays with departure times at an airport, map systems in modern malls and small as large displays with advertising, marketing and information. Bright screens in public environments, in stores and workplaces. All are examples of digital signage.

Mediascreen Smart combines an intuitive interface with smart features. You can easily update and schedule content through our web-based administration. The only thing required is internet connection and a regular browser. The system fits rolling presentations of products and services. Of course, it is also developed and prepared for interaction. Displays can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

With the help of our cloud-based software you manage the content in the form of text, image and film. You create your own messages quickly and easily. Data can be retrieved in real time from your systems and social media for distribution – to one displays or many. The displays can be in different geographical locations and show the same content or different: Everything to reach each individual with the right message.

You manage everything remotely – wherever you are.

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